Keeping it Green

We have had a few questions recently as the government has announced changes to central heating regulations in future new builds.

The first question we often hear is this; is gas central heating banned from 2025?

The answer is no. There has been some confusion, and some misinformation from the popular press, but the UK government hopes to make it that all new-builds from 2025 will use ground source heating (not electricity from the grid) from that year.

How does that impact me and my home?

These new regulations will not affect existing housing stock. It is not efficient and often simply not possible to retrofit ground source heating in existing housing. If you are holding out to convert to ground source heating it is very unlikely that it will be cost efficient or even possible to make the move, especially in established housing in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians.

I am concerned about the environment, so what can I do?

There are a few things you can do to minimise your carbon footprint and ensure that your heating is as efficient and green as possible

  1. Make sure your boiler is serviced and working optimally. We offer annual check-ups and servicing to keep your boiler and central heating efficient.
  2. Make sure your gas (and electricity) supplier is green and if possible carbon neutral. We recommend Money Saving Expert Energy Club. They help you keep your bills down and you can see clearly suppliers’ commitment to green energy.
  3. If your gas boiler is older and inefficient you will save money on your bills, and by using much less gas you will be kinder to the planet. Our latest Worcester Bosch range of boilers is not only very quiet and stylish, they are energy efficient. We recently installed a boiler for a very happy customer when he calculated he will be saving £780 a year with his new boiler supplied and installed by Alan Kinghorn & Son.

Replacing your gas boiler can be like replacing your old banger

You wouldn’t drive around in a car that was belching out pollution so if your boiler is an old gas guzzler, it might be time to get a new boiler.

In summary, gas and oil boilers are not going away any time soon, and there is no possibility that this form of heating will be banned from the existing housing stock. However, we can all do our bit by ensuring that our boilers and central heating systems are well maintained and efficient.

What about the cost?

Use our handy quick quote feature to find out how much a new gas boiler will cost. Now you can spread the cost of your boiler over two years with our easy 0% boiler finance. Your monthly price is given in your quick quote.